GPS Technology

GPS Technology

This is one of the most widely used technologies by retailers today. Shop owners can send promotional messages when a customer is detected in the vicinity of a competitor’s location. Retailers having presence at multiple locations can assist their customers by letting them locate the nearest retail outlet. This is ideal when you have multiple stores in a particular city.

GPS TechnologyIndoor GPS technology could change brick-and-mortar shopping forever

QR Codes

Abbreviated as a Quick Response Code, is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read by a device through its camera to identify the optical label that contains information about the item to which it is attached.

QR Code TechnologyQR codes can contain much more information than traditional barcodes

Usage of QR Applications in Stores

Mobile application distribution
More and more retailers are utilizing QR codes for their mobile app distribution. They provide them at the store entrance or at different places in-store to motivate the customers to use their mobile application to enhance their shopping experience. Customers scan it to download the application.

Request electronic versions of receipts
Customer’s printed receipts can have QR Codes on them. Receipt’s electronic version is emailed to the customer upon scanning the code.

Other General Applications

Stores can allow pre-purchase of the product and services to their customers via smart phones. They are ready to be redeemed at the store for the customer.

Customer service
Customer service applications are a great way of enhancing customer’s in-store experience by making their visit productive and enjoyable. It also gives them a compelling reason to visit the store rather than shop online. The applications can serve one or many objectives such as customer help, staff member assistance, broadcasting and letting them sign up for workshops and events, pre-buy products and services, view transaction history, track reward points and reward customers when they visit the store.